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Don’t wait and miss your opportunity January 28, 2009

Posted by solutionsbconsultants in Business Improvement, Increase Profitability.
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Lately there has been a pleathora of knee jerk reaction to the “poor economy” resulting in companies such as IBM, Sprint, Jewelry Television, and others  to commit mass layoffs of their workforce. But, the need to cut payroll by 500 or 5000 employees does not occur overnight. And the “economy” cannot be blamed entirely for the panic dance that is taking place.

Nothing makes me sicker than to see a company try to fix things by misusing employing termination. Why? Because bulk terminations are lazy:  they offer only a temporary cost savings measure, severely damage morale, cause negative publicity,  erode public confidence and most of all, they fail to fix the underlying corporate issues.

The positive benefit about our current economic situation are that companies are being forced to look to improve themselves from within. These progressive firms realize that a wait and see attitude will most likely lead them into serious financial difficulties in the future. Many companies are now taking a serious look at bringing in business consultants to take an independent look at the status quo. Oftentimes, outsiders can easily identify low hanging fruit such as high supplier costs, departments working at cross purposes, outdated sales techniques and poorly defined job duties. Rarely, do we find tens or hundreds or thousands of employees who are the root cause of a companies woes; most often we find it is bad communication and poor processes that have been allowed to infect a company for months creating the perfect storm for failure.

Don’t wait and miss your opportunity to spend a few dollars in correcting today’s business problems. Start small and focus on documenting and fixing specific problems. Six months from now, you can be the hero and your employees can benefit from growth and stability instead of being victimized by needless mass layoffs.




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