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Customer Service – Your Secret Weapon February 16, 2009

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One of my hobbies is home remodeling which brings me in contact with a myriad of building supply stores. Recently, I had some floor tiling questions – not only did the salesperson take me into a room and actually demonstrate what I needed to do, he called me a few days later to make sure I had no other problems. A few days later, I went into another location of the same chain and bought an expensive decorative tile and a couple of hand tools. The cashier bagged them all together. I asked her to wrap the tile up separately to prevent damage – she told me that there was no way the tile could be scratched or broken and handed me the bag. I, of course, took the decorative tile out, triple wrapped it and told the clerk that tile is as breakable and scratchable as glass.

My point is, in most businesses, it is your front line clerks, salespeople, customer service reps, accounting and billing personnel, the receptionist, the delivery guy, etc. who can make or break your business. Common sense is not doled out evenly among your employee population and you should have training, policy and procedures in place to ensure your customers are happy and ready to do business with you again. Your strategy should also include monitoring, secret shoppers and active feedback.

Solutions can help put the emphasis on service back into your organization thus reducing customer migration, improving retention, gaining referrals and loyalty. In today’s tough market with limited customers and funds, there is no better bang for the buck than focusing your staff’s effort on customer service excellence.



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